Download CrossStep & TargetOS

TargetOS is a complete embedded operating system from Blunk Microsystems. The lite version of the kernel is free to use. Our middleware components are available under the following three plans:

TargetOS Basic (Free!)

  • CrossStep IDE with kernel-awareness and debug over Ethernet support
  • TargetOS lite kernel, released as source code
  • Pre-compiled middleware eval libraries for file systems,  networking (including web server), USB, and graphics. Pre-compiled middleware libraries can be licensed on a per-project basis.
  • BSP source code for timers, UART, and CPU initialization
  • Full middleware support in pre-compiled BSP eval library

 TargetOS Pro ($5K/seat annual subscription)

  • Adds TargetOS full kernel, released as source code
  • Adds source code for the following middleware components:
  • Adds BSP source code for full middleware support

TargetOS Premium

TargetOS is Blunk’s operating system for embedded development. It consists of a free full-featured RTOS kernel and a myriad of system components designed to facilitate state of the art embedded product development.


The RTOS kernel is fully integrated with our free IDE, CrossStep. Some of the kernel features are:

  • multi-tasking
  • preemptive
  • re-entrant
  • priority based
  • synchronization/communication mechanisms
  • deterministic
  • responsive
  • flexible scheduler
  • interrupt service routine manager
  • command line debug monitor

Our system components span the following major categories:

  • storage
  • networking
  • USB
  • graphics

The components are available as evaluation libraries via our download page.

 Storage At A Glance


 Networking At A Glance