Download CrossStep & TargetOS

CrossStep is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) from Blunk Microsystems designed exclusively for embedded developers using TargetOS. It is free to use and it includes everything developers need to ensure on-time development and delivery of successful embedded projects.

Features list:

  • Integrated Development Environment designed from the ground up to focus on embedded development using TargetOS
  • Based on GNU tools
  • Full awareness of TargetOS: view non-running tasks, as well as other kernel objects such as semaphores, queues, memory regions, etc.
  • Can be configured to work with your favorite text editor
  • XML project files
  • Versatile GUI: windows can be arranged to suit your needs
  • Fast search capabilities
  • Both builder and debugger can be automated using Python scripts, so for example building and testing can be done unattended.

Screen Shots:

(click on an image to see a larger version)

A debugging session:

Another debugging session, showing memory and devices windows:

Project overview window, with search on side: