CrossStep IDE 3.0.192 Released

This release adds support for the Cortus targets, as well as numerous improvements and bug fixes.

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  • Added support for Cortus Instruction Set Simulator
  • Added “executable lines only” option to the Search Window
  • Added a function browser window which allows one to quickly navigate to any function in the project
  • Memory window improvements
  • Added options to enable/disable automatic updating of kernel object and memory windows, and added an “update” button to the source window
  • Improved output window, no longer limited to most recent 1000 lines
  • Setup Wizard now does text editor configuration
  • Simplified the TFTP server
  • Improvements to Targets Manager window

Bugs Fixed:

  • Don’t allow debug session to proceed if target system uses TargetMon and it has not been included in the build
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Various other bug fixes

Download this release