CrossStep 3.0.174 Released

This release adds a style checker and also fixes numerous bugs.

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  • Style-checking has been added to CrossStep. To Style-check a single source file, right-click on it in the Project Overview window and select “style check”. The main window menu item “Commands/Style Check” will do style-checking on all of the source files in the currently-selected subproject.
  • Source files in the application itself are now compiled first, followed by the subprojects. In previous versions, all of the subprojects were built first.
  • Applications no longer store the name of the target they were last opened with. Now, the target that is selected in CrossStep is used for all application projects that are opened with it, and it is remembered between sessions.
  • The wording in the license agreement has been changed slightly to use more consistent terminology.
  • While a project is being loaded, duplicate source file entries are removed. Also, when interactively adding source files to a project, source files that are already in the project are not added again.
  • The targets manager now restricts testing and modifying to the target that is currently selected. (Modifying non-current targets introduced many complications and unwanted side effects.)
  • The build process now stops when a source file cannot be found.

Bugs Fixed:

  • A problem in the subprojects tab of the Project Overview has been fixed: can now right-click and change the path of the subproject to be either absolute or relative to $(TARGROOT).
  • Attempting a debug session with a ColdFire TargetMon system would crash CrossStep. This has now been fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to hit the “end debug session” button twice, as doing so would crash CrossStep.
  • Fixed crash that could occur under certain conditions when trying to abort a debug session startup.
  • CrossStep could occasionally crash while exiting a debug session due to a problem encountered while saving the breakpoints list. This has been fixed.
  • A race condition that could sometimes cause a crash when the “stop” button was hit during a debug session has been fixed.
  • In the New Target wizard, testing of the debug interface sometimes failed with a message stating that the GNU Tools had not been configured yet. This has been fixed.
  • Testing a debug interface after modifying its IP address now works.
  • The targets manager now prevents deletion of a target if it is currently in use.
  • In the memory window, the area displayed can be changed to an offset relative to the base expression. Previously, the offset value did not display correctly. This has been fixed.
  • In the Targets Manager, if a target was disabled due to a problem such as an invalid path to the BSP, the message would continue to be displayed even after correcting the problem. This has been fixed.

Download this release