CrossStep 3.0.165 Released

This release adds a TargetOS updater, better code-stepping performance, and several bug fixes.

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  • CrossStep can now check for and optionally install TargetOS updates.
    Menu item “Tools/Check for TargetOS Updates” opens a window to do this (#512)
  • CrossStep no longer automatically updates the contents of the various
    kernel objects windows (Tasks, Semaphores, Queues, etc) and memory
    windows. A new button (labelled “KA”) has been added to the Source
    Window to update the kernel awareness and memory windows. As a
    result of this change, performance is much better when stepping through
    code now.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Duplicate names are no longer allowed in the Targets Manager (#499)
  • Fixed a crash when testing a target from the New Target Wizard (#564)
  • Terminate a debug session if gdb takes too long to complete a memory read (#529)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during CrossStep startup under certain conditions (#484)
  • Fixed various issues with TargetMon and Abatron debug connections

Download this release