CrossStep 3.0.134 Released

This update fixes numerous problems and gets things close to the way they need to be for the free release.

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  • #470: Increased the size of the output window’s buffer from 100 lines to 1000 lines before it starts over. Also, the message for each source file as it compiles (“file.c…”) is no longer seen unless the verbosity level is set to “Info” or above.
  • #460: Progress bar / status indicator (in upper-right corner of main window) shortened
  • #455: “S” and “F” keyboard shortcuts removed for now (will be reinstated when keyboard shortcuts are fully implemented)
  • #60 (partial): Additions to the “help” system
  • 3rd-party windowing & controls libraries updated to latest version

Bugs Fixed:

  • #456: Setup Wizard did not work correctly once a package file on Blunk’s server became older than 6 months.
  • #458: Would crash when trying to set TFTP server directory to the BSP’s directory and that directory did not exist.
  • #466: Would crash when exiting CrossStep and the BSP directory no longer existed

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